H.A.A.H.H.A Network

The Healthy Alliances in Alternative Health and Healing Association curated by Chiro-Black-Tech Inc. is a subcontracted network of non-prescription drug based practitioners and service providers that seek to supply Marion County residents with healthcare methods using a combination of clinician-facilitated and technology-assisted therapies that improve health outcomes for those suffering from clinically relevant pain.

H.A.A.H.H.A Network Goals

Our primary goal in this network is to address health related disparities that are influenced by acute or chronic pain with services from minority providers like massage therapists, personal trainers, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractic physicians, nutritionists, yoga practitioners, dance instructors, lifestyle and health counselors, estheticians and more which includes solutions to mental health and illness. Chiro-Black-Tech advocates on behalf of our members by contracting providers that will work together on their behalf to improve their quality of life with healthcare options.

H.A.A.H.H.A Network Providers and Partners:

Dr. Lauren Harden D.C.

Dr. Lauren Harden is a board certified, licensed chiropractor and former athletic trainer. A native to Indianapolis, Dr. Harden received her bachelors of science in athletic training with a minor in Kinesiology at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and her chiropractic education at the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA where she graduated with a doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine and board appointed certificate in physiotherapy.

Dr. Lauren is the Co-Founder of Chiro-Black-Tech and Owner of Body Mechanics Health and Wellness LLC est December of 2016. Dr. Harden is the Executive Director of the Healthy Alliances in Alternative Health and Healing Association leading us in ushering in this new era of non-traditional, service based healthcare. She is a current host of the local radio show “Medically Speaking” sponsored by the Marion County Health Department on AM1310/92.7FM/95.1FM and a Board of Director at the Domestic Violence Network.

Dr.Nickayla Lee is a board certified chiropractor with a certification in assisted stretching. She’s a well balanced Indy born girl with southern hospitality after spending many years in Houston, TX. Dr. Nickayla has her bachelor’s in Exercise Science which she obtained from Indiana State University. For her Chiropractic education she was fortunate to attend Life University in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Nickayla serves everyone however she has a special place in her heart for children. In school she focused on pediatric chiropractic. She also serves as a teacher in her church’s children’s ministry. Dr. Nickayla is a former competitive cheerleader. She enjoys lifting weights and staying active. With her background in sports and certification in assisted stretching she has an abundance of knowledge on the mechanics of the body and injury prevention. Dr. Nickayla is passionate about educating women and children on their own bodies and helping them take a more active role in their health journey.