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The Chiro-Black-Tech Mission

Chiro-Black-Tech is a minority-led organization dedicated to connecting Marion County’s Black population to a trustworthy ecosystem of licensed/certified healthcare based businesses, products and practitioners that implement use of the most up to date research, evidence and culturally relevant healthcare technology.

The Chiro-Black-Tech Goal

Our primary goal is to make our non-prescriptive drug based therapy methods and preventative health education more affordable and available to populations which are often underserved and support providers/practices that have a passion for serving minority communities. We achieve this by providing in-person healthcare and education to communities and organizations throughout the city of Indianapolis.

What We Do

Chiro-Black-Tech currently offers access to in-office and on-site/mobile chiropractic led therapy, preventive health services, health education to Marion County residents, as well as student-doctor business and professional support for alternative healthcare providers from accredited post-undergraduate institutions/programs. We coordinate access to services and products related to non-prescriptive medication, also considered “alternative” health and wellness from properly vetted minority service/product providers and vendors on behalf of clients and organizations. Our non-profit was created to connect Black people to Black chiropractors and other reputable holistic providers in the city of Indianapolis.